Active Parties

As a supporter of our local community, “Giving Back”, is a major part of the Active Foundation/Parties culture. We are committed to making a positive impact in children's lives each day! It’s our mission is to develop charitable relationships in our local community.  As part of the Active Education Foundation, ‘Active Parties’, was created to bring joy and life long happy memories to children that aren't  in an environment to receive these, by providing gifts, party packs for school birthday rings and events to children living in Child and Youth Care Centres.

Currently we are working with six Child and Youth Care Centres under the uMephi/AFM Welfare Council. These homes take care of traumatized children from all races between the ages 0 - 18 years, who have been removed from their parent’s care because of physical abuse and or sexual abuse, neglect and abandonment.  The model use House parents, as substitute parents, to care for 9/10 children in each house unit. That means we will be looking after nearly 60 children this year!

We need You

To make our job a success we need your help!  You can support us by sponsoring a party or contributing in some way.  We need gifts, party food, lunch, entertainment and a venue to create a memorable experience for all the children! We call our sponsors of gifts, Angels.


We always need “Angels” to buy birthday gifts, most times these are the only gifts the children get on their birthday so it’s THAT important!

Goodies for party packs 

We are making up 100’s of party packs this year for all the birthday rings. So we need small packs of chips, sweets, e.g smarties, jelly tots, jelly babies etc.

Party Pack Provider

If you would like to make up your own party packs for us for a particular child for their birthday ring, that would be wonderful. It could be for a child you sponsor with a gift or any other child during the year.  Why not spoil a child and help another mom by providing their party packs, so they can take something special to school on their birthday!! We will give you the child's name, age, gender, number of children in the class and when the party packs are needed!

To the extent you are able to assist, whether it’s contributing towards the venue or food/drink, buying a gift, it will all be greatly appreciated!  We thank you in advance for your consideration of this important endeavour.  We also encourage you to share this with any business, organisations, groups, family, friends etc you feel would be interested in participating or helping out.  Help make a difference in the lives of these children!

For financial contributions please contact Bridget at

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