1,000,000 Footprints To Save Africa

As part of Active Education’s rhino poaching education project we are proud to partner with 1, 000, 000 Footprints.

1,000,000 Footprints to Save Africa Campaign is an awareness raising and education program earmarked for the youth of Africa and the world, affording them a platform to express their concern for Africa in a united stand to save Africa for themselves and future generations.”

“The 1,000,000 Footprints to Save Africa Campaign focuses on the conservation of the environment, & educating youth about environmental best-practices within their schools and communities. This Campaign aims to uplift and inspire youth to unite in a stand to save the natural heritage of Africa for the benefit of themselves and generations to come.”


To read more about this Campaign visit 1,000,000 Footprints to Save Africa

Active Education Endorses “1,000,000 Footprints to Save Africa” & “Unite Against Poaching”