5-A-Side Soccer

Active Education is active in 74 communities across South Africa, seeing approximately 48 000 learners a week.

Active Education philosophy is about inclusion and sustainability we work off the premise that “we do everything better and some things differently”

It is exactly for that reason that we have embarked upon this journey using 5-a-side as the vehicle.

Our vision is to create a passion for sport amongst our young people, those supporters and players of tomorrow.

One of the biggest obstacles to our vision that we have experienced in South Africa is the lack of playing fields and recreational support.

We needed a sport that would appeal to all, allow extra inclusion (more about that later), could be played anywhere and yet could still embody all those lifeskill’s we were championing.

We needed a team sport so that we could install a sense of belonging, purpose and provide an opportunity for leadership.

We need a sport that could be organised and played quickly in any environment by multi skilled individuals.

We needed a sport that did not require masses of space yet could fulfill all of the above.

That is why we decided upon 5-a-side soccer, it ticked all the boxes and more.

As the name suggests only five players per team are on the court at any one time, including a goal keeper from each side. The game is fast, skilful and allows for shooting at the goals from virtually anywhere on the court, therefore EXCITING.

But for us the most appealing aspect of the game is what happens off the field. A major part of our philosophy is sustainability.

In order for us to be sustainable we need to introduce our learners to all the aspects of the sport. That is exactly what happens during our 5-a-side project.

Each class is encouraged to create a team at school, one person accepts the responsibility of managing the team, another becomes the coach, 7 individuals make up the team and the rest support.

A league is created at school where the teams participate for points during break. We have had up to 800 supporters watching the games at some schools.

Through this we have given the learners a glimpse into the other side of sport, the management, coaching, reffing and administration roles involved. These roles are absolutely necessary for the sport to function, yet seem to focus on the players and these functions are often forgotten.

That is why we encourage the learners to become involved, to create, name, coach and manage their teams. Giving them the opportunity to also learn all those lifeskill’s even though they are not physically playing.

As part of our countrywide roll out of this project we are testing the concept in various communities across South Africa.

So if your child comes home with one of our pamphlets you can understand, as the parent/guardian what we are trying to achieve.