Active Ed High (12-18 Years Old)

Active Education Primary and Active Education High are structured and affordable sports coaching programmes, presented during school time, for all children. These programmes, which offer a variety of sport, have a maximum ratio of 10 students to each Active Education coach.

Schools that ‘outsource’ their physical education classes to Active Education are at an advantage as their students benefit from professional coaching and structured lessons that incorporate many sports and skills. And, with dozens of age-specific programmes to choose from, schools can focus on certain sports according to their available facilities.

Each programme is run over a period of ten weeks, according to the school terms. Each lesson is either one hour or 45 minutes in duration, depending on the school’s timetable. These age-specific programmes provide realistic goals for the students. They also include regular physical assessments (gross motor and sport specific), which are performed at the end of each term, as well as various recognition and certification elements.

Active Education provides equipment, particularly for primary level activities, to schools with no equipment and our indoor programme makes the most of rainy days.

Our coaches also handle after-school extra-curricular sports coaching, including referee and umpire duties. They also assess children within Talent Identification programmes.