Active Ed Primary (7-11 Years Old)

Active Education is an affordable sports coaching programme run during school time for all the school’s students (maximum participation). The programme is run on a ratio that never exceeds more than 15 children to one professional Active Education coach.

By using scientific methods, we determine the exact composition of the class and write the physical education lesson to include the class’ specific needs. Through our programme the student is equipped with the skills to participate in all the sports offered by their school.

In the junior grades (one to three), we focus on honing skills in a number of sports. From grade four (10yrs), once our biometric testing programme starts, we are able to narrow the range of sports and positions the student should follow, as dictated by their physical development and ability. We only advise on the direction the student should follow for sporting success; the rest – interest, passion and commitment – is up to them.

The fundamental advantage of an Active Education programme is that each class in the school has a specific physical education structure as determined by the students in that class; our programmes are not one-size-fits-all. We also focus on the sports that the school offers, utilising their existing infrastructure.

The programmes

Each age-specific Active Education programme has been written from our decades of coaching experience. Our team is complemented by five sports scientists, who we employ to assist with testing, analysing results and advising on the sporting direction most suited to each student.

Each 10-week, age-specific programme consists of 45-minute to one-hour lessons (length of the lesson is dependent on the school’s timetable). The programmes run from grades one to 12, with realistic goals set for the students to achieve each term.

The sports coached by Active Education are:

 Baseball,Netball,Athletics,Cricket,Basketball,Basic tennis,Badminton,Rugby,Hockey,Football,Softball,Water Polo,Volleyball,T ball