Active Education Policies and Procedures 2021

Active Education’s coaching divisions focus on specific age groups. These are: ‘Kids in Action’ (ages 3-7), ‘Active Education Primary’ (ages 7-12) and ‘Active Education High’ (ages 12-18).

Kids in Action

At the age of six, children in our ‘Kids in Action’ programme have the skills necessary to participate in seven different sports. At eight years of age they are able to play those sports with overall competence; and by nine they are able to participate in a team or as an individual with complete confidence.

‘Kids in Action’ is a specialist eight-week programme for children between the ages of three and seven. Positive teaching methods, creativity, specialised sporting equipment and exercises are used to introduce children to sports and to build their confident participation. This programme includes all of the popular ball sports.

Active Education Primary and High

Active Education Primary and Active Education High are structured and affordable sports coaching programmes, presented during school time, for all children. These programmes, which offer a variety of sport, have a maximum ratio of 10 students to each Active Education coach.