Kids In Action

Imagine having the skills necessary to participate in seven different sports by the age of six. Consider being able to play those sports competently by seven and to compete, with confidence, in a team or as an individual by nine!

Kids in Action, a specialist eight-week programme for children between the ages of three and seven, introduces children to the wonders of confident sports participation through positive teaching methods, creativity, specialised sporting equipment and exercises. 

Our Kids in Action programme supports competent participation in all popular ball sports and introduces the children to the life skills of persistence, courage, cooperation, decision-making, self worth, goal setting, confidence and positive thinking.


The Kids in Action program is an eight-stage programme that runs as follows:

Glowworms and Fire fly stages (3-4 Years)

This programme aims is to improve gross motor skills. We introduce these three year olds to their bodies, develop spatial perception, work on balance and improve muscle tone. Colours, shapes and numbers are incorporated. In this specially designed programme, fun and creativity are essential components.

Penguin and Dolphin stages (4-5 Years)

These stages stimulate memory, attention, vocabulary development and knowledge of place and position (over, around, under and behind). During these stages we focus on developing the child’s concentration as well as their ability to socially integrate with other children. This encourages enjoyment for sport and the confidence to participate in active environments.

Meerkats and Tigers (5-6 Years)

These stages maintain the child’s first introduction to formal sport as a happy and positive experience. Basic sports skills and rules are introduced through the playing of games. During these stages we place particular emphasis on dominance; by this age the child usually shows dominance on one side. Right and left awareness is taught as this is needed for spatial perception. This programme is designed to build strength, endurance, co-ordination and balance through positive, creative exercises.

 Geckos and Crocodiles (6-7 Years)

From the age of six, the children are exposed to a variety of formal ball skill activities. This enables their motor co-ordination, reflexes, movement and balance to improve. In addition, their confidence is boosted as their hand-eye coordination improves. This enables them to participate in a sports environment where their peers present varying abilities.

These stages are fun and creative. Here enjoyment and satisfaction are key to the acquisition of the basic ball control skills, which are fundamental to all major games and sports. Concepts such as vision, space, and timing are introduced and understood through various games. Along with the important issue of school-readiness, visual skills such as tracking, focus, hand-foot-eye coordination and spatial judgement are developed.



Glow Warms & Fire Fly Stage (3-4 Years Old)


Penguins & Dolphins Stage (4-5 Years Old)


Meerkats & Tigers Stage (5-6 Years Old)


 Geckos & Crocodiles Stage (6-7 Years Old)