The Sports Trust

Sport & recreation are important aspects of modern life and have increasingly important roles to play in the quality of life of communities across Africa.

Various studies have illustrated that using recreation, sports & play to engage young people offers viable alternatives to risky behavior. Sports and recreation can reduce violence, crime and teenage pregnancy in Schools and communities, as the spirit of camaraderie provides an alternative to gang and crime-related activities.

Together with The Sports Trust & SAB Active Education has rolled out with a programme targeted at High Schools. Each School has 2 coaches - Soccer & Netball -  that come in everyday for Life Orientation Lessons as well as Extra Murals & Matches that are played weekly. Monthly there will be Soccer & Netball tournaments held on a Saturday at the selected High Schools.

By offering consistent and regular practices and events it will revive and grow sports within Schools & Communities. Along with this revival we can hopefully see a education in Social ills that occur when learners are bored and are not kept occupied.

This initiative continues to expand around the country and effect more lives each day.