Impairment Goggles - Road Safety Awareness 

Employees have become very important stakeholders of companies and their needs should be taken into account in the bigger corporate governance and social responsibility framework.

We can all appreciate the rules and what to do and not do however to experience and feel the consequences of an action is a life time learning.

The idea of reducing incidents and making people aware of what can happen is sometimes difficult to get the message across.The simulation exercise designed by our team takes into consideration the experience and the interaction in order to get the message across.

The shared experience and the sustainability is achieved by colleges sharing there experience and having a point of reference .

 The simulation exercise 

The team will arrive setup a course.

The employees and or customers are taken through the course experience various impaired situation. The team guides and interacts with them ensuring their safety and imparting valuable knowledge and insides in to todays real situations.

The remote googles also act as a team building exercise as spectators can not standby and just watch they get so involved with advice of how to that they learn by default.

This is a must for all corporates as the awareness is further enhanced by knowing that by participating they are also contributing to the education of the youth. The proceeds of this corporate exercise is released in road safety and social awareness talks to schools in the immediate area. The company will be informed of the roll out in their area and which schools have benefited.

Types of goggles:

1) Low Level BAC (Green Strap) BAC of .04 to .06

2) Alcohol Impairment (Black Strap) BAC of .08 to .15

3) Snooze (Grey Strap) Simulates fatigue in the early morning after working all night long and also extreme fatigue

4) Twilight Vision (Red Strap) BAC of .15 to .25 

5) Red-Eye (Rose Strap) Simulates fatigue late in the day when the sun is about to go down and fate under low light conditions

6) Cannabis (Olive Strap) Impairs concentration and coordination, slows reaction time, results in a feeling of nausea and can result in short term memory loss.

7) Drug Impairment (Camo) Simulates many of the effects of using illegal drugs or overdosing on prescription medication.

8) Ecstasy/Molly/LSD (Tie-Dye Strap) Distorts the perception of the size & shape of objects and also gives the user a distorted perception of colour.

Remote Control Cars with goggles.

Course track is set up using tape with different obstacles for the driver to negotiate around - one time around the track with no goggles and one time with goggles. Each person will be timed to compare.

Each course layout is designed to show individuals the affects of drug/alcohol impairment. Each person will do the course twice - one “Sober” and one with the selected google on. They will be timed each time they do the course to show the differences.

The Impairment Goggles “course” is approximately 30-45 minutes long depending on number of participants. 

Cost - R3500.00 

Your R3500.00 will go towards doing a Road Safety Awareness Road Show at a Primary School in celebration of Transport Month (October 2019)

Impairment Goggles