What Would Wanda Do

Active Education identifies social issues and addresses them through education.

Active Education holds a partnership agreement with the Dept basic education which allows us to address these issues during school time and change lives.

Every program that we do must be sustainable, we only have a small window in which to change behavior, we need to make the road show memorable, exciting and amazing, the learner must leave with WOW what just happened!

Through our 25 years of experience we have found that we need to create a mascot that the learners can identify with and as a result associate the message with is key.

Hence the birth of Wanda the water warrior!

She came from the Atlantic seaboard to help her friends in Cape Town, that helped her when she was a young chick 6 years ago when they cleaned all that ugly oil off her.

She has returned in all her glory to help Us all save water, to leave a message of What Would Wanda Do.... if you see a leaky tap, when showering, brushing your teeth....etc

In conjunction with Shell & the DBE Wanda The Water Warrior has visited 200 schools across the western cape spreading her message about saving water and how to do it.

Wanda’s show identifies 10 key water saving tips, which are highlighted and repeated with the learners, that also form part of a catchy tune the learners are taught.

So when they walk up to a tap, or brush their teeth, they have “I’m a water warrior” in their mind and this helps them to change their water behavior.

Watch this space to see where Wanda will be traveling to next!