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Oakhill College Waterfront Chukka Festival 16-19 February 2017

We had the wonderful opportunity of being involved with the Oakhill College Waterfront Chukka Festival which took place from the 16th February until Sunday the 19th. There were 14 girls and 11 boys teams from 17 schools and a total of 370 participants. www.oakhillschool.co.za.




‪In the newspaper! #chukkafestival 2017 Knysna Waterfront Knysna-Plett Herald Oakhill School Oakhill School Chukka Water-polo festival



First recipient of the Active Education Grit Award for outstanding character displayed at the Oakhill Waterfront Chukka Festival 2017. Well done Natasha! #chukkafestival



Oakhill Waterfront Chukka Festival 09-12 February 2017

The festival took place at the Knysna Waterfront and continued until Sunday, 12 February. It's an annual highlight for Oakhill to welcome well over 300 prep school participants from schools across South Africa. www.oakhillschool.co.za.

Thank you to all the schools that took part in this exciting festival & thank you to  Drydock and 34 Southfor all your support.





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