We allow you to focus on the business while we worry about CSI.

At Active Education we know you are the type of business that wants to be innovative and progressive in sustainable investment. In order to be that way you need a comprehensive CSI strategy.

The problem is that there is a specific skill set that is required that makes you feel frustrated. We believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise of over 25 years in the industry. 

We understand the pressures that both the board and the public place on you. That is why we encourage investment in the Education Sector as this is where you can effect the most impact and address social issues . 

Its very easy, all you need to do is message us for a free assessment so we can understand your current policies and future objectives.

We will then create a tailor-made sustainable investment strategy that is budget friendly with specific objectives that we can implement together. 

So message us now to stop wondering how much of an impact your CSI spend can make.